Traditional Neighborhoods Make for Safe Trick or Treating!

Halloween was lots of fun for a kid  growing up in Edgewood, a traditional neighborhood in Homewood, Alabama. The houses were close together and there were sidewalks, so we could walk safely from house to house with out our parents worrying about us getting hit by a car. In fact, things were so safe, our parents did not accompany us on our adventure.

Complete streets are safe for tricksters!

Nowadays, you almost never see a group of kids trick or treating without a parent slowly following them down the street in their minivan.

But the greatest part about being an Edgewood kid was the proximity to the Valley Avenue Apartments!  This high density development of row houses lining about a quarter mile of both sides of Valley Avenue meant the most bang for your buck!  We would return home with huge bags bursting with so much candy it would last until Christmas!

Too bad today’s cul-de-sak refugees have to miss out on this much fun! Those were the days!