Velodrome and Cycling Center-My Prize2theFuture Proposal

I have been wondering…would a Velodrome with an indoor mountain bike park would be a cool addition to the Birmingham scene?  How about having rental bikes available right next to the park? Would the local cycling scene benefit from a central hub? Would it attract more people to the healthy sustainable activity of cycling?What do you think?

Almost every form of cycling is currently present in the Birmingham area except track cycling. Would people like having this  exciting Olympic sport  available to area cyclists and spectators? In addition, could an indoor velodrome and mountain bike park serve to introduce cycling to many new adherents as well as provide an alternative hangout for area cyclists?

I submitted this idea as my entry for the Railroad Park Prize 2 the Future competition today. This competition is being held to obtain fresh ideas for developing a parcel of land adjacent to the new Railroad Park in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. My idea may be a long shot, but I thought I would share it with my friends for comment. It gave me an opportunity to propose something that is cycling related as well as to develop my skills with some new (to me) design software.

The Railroad Park Velodrome and Cycling Center is conceived as a central hub and learning center for the Birmingham area for all forms of healthy sustainable bicycling, indoors and out, connecting the park with the city at large. The facility will have the following features:

Indoor Velodrome: A velodrome is a banked bike race track designed for high speed bike racing. Velodrome cyclists and spectators are drawn to the pure speed and excitement of riding in close quarters on a banked track.  Beginning in the 1800’s, it was popular among the public, much like NASCAR is today. In fact, Madison Square Garden in New York was originally built as a track racing venue. Today, there are approx. 20 working outdoor and 2 indoor velodromes in the U.S. plus many more around the world. There are four general types of track race events: individual timed, team timed, sprint, and mass start events. All are different and thus can suit most any rider and spectator. This Olympic sport flourishes in other countries, and is making a comeback in the US. 1000 spectator seats are proposed, with concessions. There are currently only two indoor velodromes in the US, so this will bring new distinction and new visitors to the Magic City.

Indoor Mountain Bike Facility: This facility will be designed to accommodate four skill levels: toddler, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Indoor facilities are a place where riders can develop their skills before trying outdoor trails, and ride during inclement weather or off season. Paths made of wood sections can regularly be rearranged, collaboratively by a team of users, to create fresh new combination of experiences and obstacles. This will be the only such indoor facility in the south.

Rays Mountain Bike Park

Bike Rental and Repair Facility: A fully staffed rental and maintenance shop providing rental bikes to the general public for exploring the park, future greenways and bike lanes, as well as indoor users.

Multipurpose Space: For classes on safe riding, driver education, bike commuting, as well as bike club meetings, parties and community events.

Locker rooms, storage and support facilities: Provided for competitors, members and day users.

Community Outreach: Programs can be included to provide alternative sports outlets for disadvantaged youth and minorities. Classes on safe and legal riding and commuting can be provided to low income residents and others who wish to commute by bicycle. Classes can also be provided for drivers and cyclists to educate them on how to safely share the road, as required by law.

Below is a link to the drawings I prepared to illustrate the concept. Obviously, there are many forms this could take, so this is just one possibility. Let me know what you think of my proposal. Is it cool, a pipe dream or what?

VELODROME P2F drawings

UPDATE 03.15.2011: Some friends of mine have created a Facebook Page about this idea. You can find it here.

UPDATE 04.18.2011: Sorry to report that my idea did not make it into the top 50 entries, and thus has not chance of being implemented by the Railroad Park Commission. HOWEVER, if we can get enough support  for this idea, I may try to find some investors and develop it myself! So stay tuned to the FB page!

UPDATE 09.02.2012: The FB page was taken down due to a lack of interest.


  1. Hey Randall,this is one of the better ideas that I have heard. I think combining the velodrome and indoor mtb is far more marketable than either by themselves. The combination would attract a much wider demographic.

  2. It’s funny that this has popped up now as I just recently saw some stuff at about a place called Ray’s Indoor Mtn Bike Park and thought the idea was an excellent one. The one thing that I think could work against it is the relatively mild year round climate here. There are many times in the winter where it is warm enough to get out and ride. Rays’ is only open during the off season in Cleveland and Minneapolis (I think that was the 2nd location) and you can imagine that riding in the winter there is not very common. Be that as it may I still think it has the potential to work as long as you have a broad enough base of users. In otherwords it would be beneficial to have facilities not only for Velodrome and MTB but also BMX’ers and even skaters. The broader your reach the more chance for success. I would love to see it happen and had even given thought of trying it myself at some point in the future. I also think that it should incorporate both into and outdoor tracks.

  3. Hey Randall,
    I submitted almost the same idea. Mine was a combo of velodrome and a banked rink for roller derby, and speed skating. I hope we get some sort of velodrome here!

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