Rebuilding a bad idea

In a previous post I wrote long before the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) revealed its plans to rebuild the interstate that runs through downtown Birmingham, I suggested that the highway was destructive to the inner city and should be torn down and replaced with a boulevard, a trend pursued successfully in other cities around the country.   I found this article today that I would like to share with you:


The writer, Mark Kelly points out that the main reason this highway is so destructive is the ALDOT mindset that downtown Birmingham is an obstacle to traffic flow rather than a destination. This was true when it was first built 40 years ago and is still true today. So, ALDOT is proposing to rebuild a bad idea!

Since there is an alternative bypass around the city (Interstate 459) and plans to build a northern route for this, I and several others feel that we have a great opportunity to reinforce downtown as a destination rather than an obstacle by tearing down this eyesore.

There are also alternative ways this interstate highway could be rerouted around north Birmingham since the northern bypass is decades away and faces its own opposition.

There is considerable local opposition to ALDOT”s plans. Here is just one article I have found

Residents Upset by Plan for I-20/59 Redesign through Downtown Birmingham

If you agree that more time should be spent studying alternatives, you can find a petition here.