A New Focus for My Blog!

As a “Baby Boomer” I have had a successful and long career.  While I still hope to be working for several more years, I am now preparing for an active retirement where my lovely and loving spouse and I have more time to wander, explore and enjoy our time together on this beautiful planet. That may require downsizing so we have less to weigh us down, financial planning so our funds outlive us, and staying active and healthy so we can wander, experience and share more.

I believe we are living in a golden age, where anything is possible and being an elder person does not mean slowing down. My goal is to run until I drop and hopefully help some less fortunate folks along the way.

This blog is now going to be about this journey and will include not just how we get where we want to be, but many of the fun experiences that we wander into during and after. Along the way, I invite you to share your ideas with me as well so I can share them with others.

This blog includes some earlier and older posts focusing on my interests in urban design, cycling, beer and other things.  Moving forward, my focus will be on the more personal adventures and challenges that lie ahead as we get ready for and begin the next phase of the adventure we call elderhood!

If you enjoy my wanderings, please let others know! If you like what I share, please subscribe! Thanks for visiting.

person holding compass
Photo by Valentin Antonucci on Pexels.com