A Really Good Light Lager for a Change!

A quick shout out to to Birmingham local brewer Ghost train (@BrewingGhost) for  having the guts to develop a tasty low carb and low calorie beer! I just found this on the shelf at Target of all places!


Coming in at 99 calories and 5 grams of carbs, Ghost Town’s Light Lager has something you rarely find in a low calorie beer:  craft beer taste! I am sure the alcohol content is low for a craft beer, but if you want something tasty, light and refreshing after some yard work, or a ride, I this is it!

Ghost Train is fast becoming one of my favorite local brewerys. I really love their IPL.  hoppy enough, its a bit lighter tasting than an IPA,  just right for my taste, and can often be found in my fridge.

Both recommended!