As a “Baby Boomer” I have had a successful and long career.  I am now seeking an active retirement where my lovely and loving spouse and I have more time to wander, explore and enjoy our time together on this beautiful planet. That may require downsizing so we have less to weigh us down, financial planning so our funds outlive us, and staying active and healthy so we can wander and experience more.

I believe we are living in a golden age, where anything is possible and being an elder person does not mean slowing down. My goal is to run until I drop and hopefully help some less fortunate folks along the way.

This blog is about this journey and will include not just how we get where we want to be, but many of the fun experiences that we wander into during and after. Along the way, I invite you to share your ideas with me as well so I can share them with others.

person holding compass
Photo by Valentin Antonucci on Pexels.com

This blog also includes some earlier and older posts focusing on my interests in urban design, cycling, beer and other things.  But moving forward, my focus will be on the more personal adventures and challenges that lie ahead.

Thanks for visiting. If you enjoy my wanderings, please let others know!




  1. I just came across your posting for the velodrome and bike park and was curious if you were still looking into doing it in Birmingham? As an avid biker myself and filmmaker/photographer I am always interested in seeing and trying to help new projects get off the ground. I do feel that Bham might benefit from this specially with the expansion of the trails out at Oak Mtn that I experienced a few months back when I was in town briefly. I tried finding the FB page but I guess you had shut it down or something seeing as this post is over a year old. Anyways please email me if you are still interested in pursuing this concept and I would love to talk with you about it.



    • Thanks for the comment. I did shut down the FB page due to a lack of enough interest to move the idea forward. While I still feel the idea has merit, and many (but not quite enough) people said they would use the facility, investors willing to take risk have not been forthcoming.

  2. Hellol Randall – I, too, LOVE the idea that you submitted to Prize4theFuture and would love to help and build support for the indoor training facility. I am interested in training to be an Olympic Women’s Sprint Cyclist and having a facility here at home would be AMAZING! Please advise IF you would consider reigniting your pursuit of this project and I would Definitely be on board to help in any way I can! … Cutressa 205.422.0694

  3. I have similar sentiments. We have tried using the Huntsville Speedway as a velodrome, with varying degrees of success, and it has failed to attract much support from the local cycling community. There’s very little hope for justifying the millions that would be required to build and operate a facility that would not get that much use.
    James Dawson

  4. Greetings!
    This morning I was discussing with my girlfriend how we would like to ride (we have recently taken up mountain biking) but with the time change and this time of year, there is just not enough daylight. That, mixed with the chaotic nature of the weather here, I had this great idea: have an indoor biking trail! So, I went searching to see if this great idea might have befallen on others, and behold, indoor biking is a “thing” already. I come across this blog where you were proposing this idea of incorporating tracks for road bikers, mt. bikers, and even BMX bikers. What a marvelous idea! I was impressed at the proposal, for it was rather detailed. Granted, it would have been more difficult considering the location chosen, but I realize that must have been the limitation of the project’s proposed location. I think this idea is great and I hope it is in the works for in the future. I would be willing to do what I could to help and pull resources because I believe in it. Granted, I’m not near as “into” biking as most of the people I see on the trails at Oak Mt. (I’ve been biking a little over a year, and I’ve rather slow), but I am passionate about being more active, staying active, and being outdoors. Granted, trails would be preferable to indoor, but indoor would be a great option when its too hot, too cold, too dark, or when the weather is not cooperative. So, has this idea been completely abandoned, or is there still a search for investors?

    • Thanks for the comment Patrick. Unfortunately, the idea has been tabled for some time now. I originally tried to get enough people committed to prove the idea viable so I could get financing, but alas, not enough people signed on. right now, my job dominates my free time, but I may try again in a few years, as cycling is growing fast in the metro area. In the meantime, I would encourage you to get involved with our local mountain bike club BUMP. bump.org. They can show you ways to deal with our weather and ride all year round. It can be done and is not as hard as you might imagine! Thanks again!

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